"Every now and then the real thing [McNabb] comes along: a Catholic writer who writes well enough to satisfy literate readers who judge fiction by the canons of fiction, not theology.  You recognize him not by his profession of faith...but by his well-crafted works of fiction infused with a sacramental intelligence."     --Deal Hudson, author of Onward Christian Soldiers and An American Conversion

Andrew McNabb

Reviews of The Body of This & Author Interviews

Reviews of The Body of This: 
Crisis MagazineCatholic FictionDappled Things, The Short ReviewRelief JournalThe Portland PhoenixNew Blackfriars Review, Bobz Book ReviewsThe Weekly SentinelA Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars, Maine Sunday Telegram (4/12/09), Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire (10/10), Gilbert Magazine (Jul/Aug 2009), Portland Press Herald (4/2/09), The Catholic Herald (U.K.) (2009)

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Panel Discussion of The Body of This: 
"Cover to Cover," Catholic Radio Int'l(panelists: Matthew Lickona, Katy Carl and Joseph O'Brien)

Discussion Podcast
The Craft of Writing in Maine (with Lewis Robinson and Lisa Carey)